Arne Zaslove is a director, teacher, mask specialist and physical theater consultant.

"(Zaslove is) the closest thing Seattle boasts to a living Cultural Resource."
--Seattle Weekly
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As a Fulbright scholar, Arne was the first American to study at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. There he absorbed a deep understanding of masks and of physical theater. His specialty in clowning and improvisation grew through his apprenticeship at Carnegie Mellon with commedia dell' arte master Carlo Mazzone-Clementi (who went on to found the Dell' Arte School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake).

Arne's method of training actors was synthesized through years as Artistic Director of the National Theatre School in Canada, co-founder of the University of Washington PATP program, and Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. His approach focuses on freeing the individual's body and imagination through a carefully devised sequence of physical exercises, mask work and improvisation. His students have gone on to varied and successful careers, from the circus to Stratford and Hollywood.

A highly effective clown doctor, Zaslove is able to pinpoint the essence of the comic action and help performers extend a situation to the extremes of absurdity while maintaining credibility, precision and timing. His talents have been called on by Cirque du Soleil, David Shiner (of Fool Moon), Graciela Daniela (director of The Glorious Ones, bound for Broadway), Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle, and Pomp, Duck and Circumstance in Berlin.

Arne has directed and taught in many regional theaters and universities across the U.S. and Canada. During his 20-year tenure as Artistic Director of the Bathhouse Theatre in Seattle, his updated Shakespeare productions and 17 versions of The Big Broadcast (a tribute to the golden age of radio) were especially popular with audiences for their sensitive interpretations and inventive flair.

He has synthesized his years of observation of human character as expressed in the body into a workshop called The Mask as a Gateway to the Self, which has proven equally valuable to artists, psychotherapists and individuals seeking personal growth. Zaslove also leads classes and workshops in Divining Shakespeare: making the language of Shakespeare vividly accessible for performers and teachers alike.

Having spent many years mentoring performers, directors, designers and writers, Zaslove has a depth of experience, a gift for creating ensemble and for nurturing the talents of others, and a collaborative style which make him an all-around production consultant of rare ability.